A residental building, hydroisolation of foudation - Bulgaria 2019

The purpose of this project was to protect permanently the walls and floors of building against water penetration.

4000 m2 EUROBENT CS 0,2 (5000) in rolls 1,25m x 5,1m were installed as the easiest product for laying onto vertical walls.

In order to fix GCL to the surface it is recommended to nail the mat to the ground/wall along with nails during reinforcement and concrete works. EUROBENT CS is set with its foil from the side of pressing water, e.g. in case of insulation of foundations – foil from the soil side. It is really helpful to use EUROPASTE as a bonding and sealing compound. It is made from a combination of benonite and an anio-active detergent which acts as an emulsifier.