Rehabilitation Arched bridge EÜ K739 Taunusbahn - Germany 2022

The project consisted of a major refurbishment of an old arch bridge in Taunusbahn over the K739 road. The work to be carried out included removing the tracks including the bridge railings, exposing the upper part of the bridge, installing a new waterproofing and drainage system. For this type of renovation and construction work, the following waterproofing system was installed as a standard structure consisting of the following types of geotextiles (from bottom to top):

- Non-woven
- Geosynthetic Clay Liner EUROBENT CS 0,5 5000-300-200-30 Compo TL in quantity 690m2
- Drainage mat with drainage cores made of PP monofilament, fleece laminated on both sides
- Mono-axial geogrid - a tension-resistant inlay to increase frictional resistance
- 1st layer of soil
- 3d claw mat - corrugated PE mesh as erosion protection + PP mesh as a reinforcement
- 2nd layer of sieved topsoil as vegetation layer
- Greening mat
- 100% coconut with seed Regio mixture
- concrete mat BVR 9000 HP for drainage channels on both sides slopes

Application examples and advantages:
Temporary erosion protection for dry slopes (as a technical safety measure to bridge the gap until the vegetation takes over the erosion protection):
- Functional duration 1 - 3
- 100% biodegradable
- quick greening success
- fertiliser/water storage substrate possible