Insulation and stabilisation of the dikes, reconstruction of river floodbanks, Schwendt - Austria 2016

As a part of the improvement of flood protection in the Lower Odra Valley, extensive rehabilitation measures have been carried out on existing dikes for several years. The dike from km 28.4 to 31.0 was previously excluded from the rehabilitation measures because a possible extension of the Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler Waterway (HO-FR-WA) was planned. With the completion of the approval procedure for the HO-FR-WA expansion project, this section of the dike was earmarked for restoration.

As a sealant, a bentonite mat was planned to be laid in accordance with EUROBENT 4500/350/300 Compo BRAD 15 in quantity 15 000m².

Geosynthetic clay liners in dike construction must meet special safety requirements, as the flood protection of entire regions may depend on their functionality. In dike construction, positive experience has been obtained with the use of bentonite mats as an alternative to mineral earth sealing in compacted cohesive soils.

After compacting the entire embankment body, the upper part of the embankment became stable and impermeable. Thanks to this solution, the embankments can protect flood-prone areas for many years in conditions of fluctuating water levels, even when extreme flood levels occur.

The project was co-financed by the European Union.