Insulation of a highway, Surin-Obrenovac - highway section - Serbia 2018

The Surin-Obrenovac is a section of an A2 highway that connects Serbian Capital city with Montenegro. This important thoroughfare will also become part of the so-called Corridor XI, an international transport route running from the seaport of Bari in southern Italy to Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

It was built as part of an approximately 120-kilometer highway that stretches from Belgrade to Čaak in central Serbia. The section is 17.6 kilometers long and an important part of it is a 1600-meter bridge over the Sava River. The Chinese company CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) was chosen as the general contractor, and the total construction costs are expected to exceed 200 mil. EUR.

Construction work began in the first quarter of 2017, with completion scheduled for early 2020. On the Surin-Obrenovac section of the freeway, it was necessary to solve the problem of erosion and water leakage. Eurobent CS 0,5 (4750) provides the protection against sedimentation and erosion during construction and afterwards by providing reinforcement to drainage collection channels. 360 000 sqm were used in this project.

Most types of liner systems are composite liners consisting of both low permeability clays and geomembranes. The GCL provides the equivalent of a compacted clay liner without the need for the extensive construction effort required to roll the clay and compact it in place. Like the geocomposite, the GCL’s structure is a sandwich consisting of a lower geotextile, a middle layer of low permeability bentonite clay and another upper layer of geotextile bound together and reinforced by needle punching.

The high requirements of the Surin-Obrenovac tender were met by the Eurobent CS 0,5 (4750) manufactured in Poland by Eurobent Sp. z o. o.