Anaerobic Digestion Treatment Lagoon, Market Rasen - United Kingdom, Lincolnshire 2016

Anaerobic digestion is a waste management system that has a natural solution to an age old problem. In essence, Anaerobic Digestion utilizes biochemistry to combat the accumulation of waste production. The process has several phases that encompass the use of micro-organisms to breakdown biodegradable materials into usable by-products, as well as reducing the overall amount of waste. The process can be applied to commercial, industrial and domestic environments as a practical application for dealing with waste material. The process is clean, efficient and useful.

The Treatment lagoon at Market Rasen is formed by creation of an earthworks bunded area, which is then lined with JUTAMAT 5000 (GCL) in quantity 40 000m2 as a secondary containment liner; overlain by geomembrane HDPE 2,0 mm smooth geomembrane as the primary containment liner. Once the lagoon is formed and lined the provision of a geomembrane HDPE 1,0 mm smooth floating geomembrane cover to contain all odours is implemented. It is therefore possible to inflate the floating cover, providing a simple means of methane storage. Currently lagoons of this type may be constructed more for their methane generation than in the past.

As the Environment Agency takes more of an interest in this technology, the level of regulation and degree of quality assurance increases. EUROBENT Sp. z o.o. is becoming the producer of choice into these market sectors given our wealth of experience and ability to provide the optimal solution for containment needs.