Renaturation of the Lippe in Paderborn, Improvement of the floodplain - Germany 2021

2 200 sqm
Rolls: 5,1 x 40m
SandMat 600 200 BAW

It is used to redesign the curved course of water in a river. The goal was to model the course of the cascade, to shape the channel so that it would allow a natural flow that develops with its own dynamics. After the work is completed, this section has twice the length of the flow.

SandMat 600 200 BAW perfectly adapts and provides a durable, almost natural appearance of the riverbed. The advantage of this mat is the very mechanically resistant protective layers made of geotextile. Resistance to dynamic perforation load is more than 1 800 Nm.

The mat can be used both under water and on land, e g as a solid edge protection.