Securing the landfill in Cariati / Cosenza, Rehabilitation of landfill - Italy 2022

Project Punkaharju concerned covering the old landfill owned by city called Savonlinna. The construction work were done by Finnish construction company Peab Industri Oy.

There are two kinds of CGLs used as a sealing layer. In the plateau area GCL with 0,5 mm textured membrane is used, to get extra safety. This solution increases an external shear significantly what is the crucial parameter on the slopes. Quantity which were used for whole project it was 31 161 m2, delivered in rolls 5,1 x 40 m.

This is an example of responsible approach to environmental issues – designing product with stronger carrier layer, which is composite of woven and nonwoven and providing a GCL with thick textured membrane ensures the efficient performance of the system.