Landfill’s reclamation, Braszowice - landfill - Poland 2012

12 000 sqm
Rolls: 5,1 x 40m

One of many projects involving the remediation of a non-hazardous and inert landfill. This is a typical example of landfill capping with a geosynthetic bentonite mat, in this case: EUROBENT 3500.

Once the litter was moved, the appropriate slope and exterior surface could be formed. This was covered with soil and then it was time to roll out the GCL and then it was activated with water and covered with soil again.

The purpose of such activity is in general protection of the environment. Our EUROBENT GCL contributes to the restoration of usable or natural values of damaged areas.

In order to perform this task properly, a special attention must be paid to sealing the surface between successive panels of GCL. That is the consecutive rolls shall be placed with extra care to properly made overlaps. As installation guide indicates bentonite from bags (which are added to each sold EUROBENT roll) should be applied between overlaps. This action prevents leakage of dangerous substances out.

The end or ends of the roll require fixing in an anchor trench. The front edge of this trench should be rounded to eliminate any sharp corners which may cause excessive stress on the GCL.

As we can see, the installation of EUROBENT GCL is really easy and does not generate unnecessary costs, but taking into account that we do it for environment we need to be precise.