Świdnica, 15 March 2021




Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf rejects the appeal of Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.

On 11th of March the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court rejected the appeal of Concrete Canvas Technology against the decision of the Regional Court in Düsseldorf in a judgement which states, that Eurobent Sp z o.o. based in Świdnica (Poland) does not infringe the patent of Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd by producing the TILTEX TM cementitious composite mat. This confirms the stance taken by Eurobent Sp. z o.o., that the TILTEX TM cementitious composite is an advanced product created by Eurobent Sp. z o.o. and thus does not infringe the patent rights of other entities, including Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.

The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court has refused the right to appeal the judgement of 11 March 2021.

This unequivocal judgment of a German higher regional court also confirms the position of Eurobent sp. z o.o in proceedings before Polish courts where Eurobent sp. z o.o. has been falsely accused of infringement of the same patent. These allegations having been finally disproven in Germany, Eurobent sp. z o.o. expects Polish courts to adopt a similar view.

Christoph Terlinden

President of the Board