New certificate!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The German Geosynthetics Industry Association (Industrieverband Geokunststoffe e.V. -IVG) has developed a monitoring and certification system. The rules are fixed in the document:”Recommendation for the implementation of the supervision and certification of geosynthetics approved by the European proof-of-conformity procedure”. The base is the existing European proof-of-conformity system, which requires the monitoring and certification of the factory production control (FPC). This is done by an independent (notified) body. On top of this, the production is audited, samples are taken by the inspectors and tested in qualified laboratories. The results of the auditing and the testing are handed over to the certification body which assesses the results. The test results are compared with the quoted values for the properties by the manufacturer in the official CE documents, which he is obliged to publish. If the properties of the product meet the quoted values, the certification body issues an ivg-Product Certificate. The product may also be identified with the ivg-Quality Mark.