Eurostrip can be used for the sealing of expansion joints in the building and engineering world.
It can be used to seal:

Expansion joints between concrete slabs and vertical walls.

Expansion joints in-between two materials e.g. concrete to concrete, stone to concrete or steel to concrete.

Heading joints between steel pipes and concrete bodies such as use in swimming pools, settling tanks, sumps etc.

Joints in tunnels, dams and water works, including tanks used for drinking water.

Technical Data.

Eurostrip bentonite sealing strip is a bentonite based elastic compound which has been specially developed by Eurobent to seal water-resistant joints, expansion joints and dividing gaps. It is used to create an impermeable barrier against water and is pressure resistant.

Easy to Install.

Place Eurostrip onto the concrete base ensuring level contact, cover with the strengthening grate and fix using steel nails spaced at 25cm (approximately).

In order to avoid abrasion to Eurostrip and to achieve level placement we recommend that you use Europaste, our bonding and sealing product.

Once Eurostrip has been laid the concrete can be laid immediately. The minimum thickness of concrete to be used with Eurostrip is 7cm.


Type Size Colour Length




(20x25) mm



6 pieces

30 cartons = 900m

The manufacturer is not liable for damages as a result of unsuitable handling and storage.