Sandmatte from Eurobent

After 5 years of developing and producing high quality Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL) for projects all over the world, Eurobent expanded its product range with Sandmatte, designed specifically to offer protection to waterways and marine environments.

Geosynthetics have been applied to many types of costal and offshore structures for years. They replace traditional low technology materials such as concrete and gravel.They reduce construction costs and maintenance costs and improve the integrity of the structures.

The main advantages of using geosynthetics are:

  1. Rapid installation.
  2. Cheaper than more traditional solutions.
  3. In contact with soils they improve the overall long-term stability and integrity of a structure.
  4. Financial and ecological savings are achieved as Eurobent Sandmatte removes the need to transport large quantities of natural soils or aggregates.

Sandmatte consists of a non-woven geotextile layer that is bonded with a composite, it can be used successfully in scour protection, filtration and drainage, as well as in the construction of reservoirs, dams, roads, tunnels and waste disposal (land fill) sites.

Due to its flexibility, strength and robustness Eurobent Sandmatte has proved extremely durable in the protection of costal structures, due to the sand ballast contained within Eurobent Sandmatte it can also be used in underwater installations.

Eurobent Sandmatte can be used to prevent the erosion and displacement of subsoils in Coastal and other sensitive environments.

The Sandmatte system is an environmentally friendly product and an ideal solution for use in waterways where high filtration efficiency, revetment stability and abrasion resistance due to wave action is required.

Top soil, concrete blocks, riprap as well as armour rocks can all be placed directly onto a Sandmatte surface due to its proven strength and flexibility.


  1. Eurobent Sandmatte can be laid quickly and accurately under dry conditions due to its sand ballast. It can also be laid underwater or from marine vessels.
  2. Sandmatte is ideal for use in all coastal locations such as seawalls, breakers, groynes, dykes and embankments.
  3. The unique structure of Sandmatte allows constructors to use it under permeable revetments to provide filter stability to the subsoil.
  4. Due to its robust construction and inherent strength Sandmatte is ideal for the construction of revetments where longterm stability of the cover layer is required.