Neuruppin, reconstruction of river bank, Rehabilitation and redesign of the shore area in Neuruppin, L 167 - Germany 2020

In the area south of the L 167 in Neuruppin, the renovation and redesign of the shore area was planned and executed. The concept was to remove vegetation from the shore area and re-profile it into the geometry of the bank. On the water side, a stone embankment was provided as a protective measure. The stone fill was installed in an underwater embankment on the Sand Mat 4700 / 300 Compo. The SandMat 4700/300 Compo is a full-surface, mechanically bonded geocomposite consisting of a layer of quartz sand embedded between two layers of geotextiles.

Ideally, the installation is carried out with a laying traverse. Rolls with widths of up to 5.10 m can be laid quickly and easily. Roll widths and roll lengths can be adapter to the respective application. In the application as a mechanically robust geotextile SandMat 4700/300 Compo can be used as in a variety of ways.

Underwater installation is possible without any problems, since the mat, due to the quartz sand filling, sinks immediately without a buoyancy aid. This allows applications both under water and on land, e.g. as a robust cover and protective layer for a plastic sealing membrane, etc. As an erosion protection layer in hydraulic engineering, the SandMat 4700 / 300 Compo prevents the discharge of soil material by swell and current, which in the worst case could lead to the collapse of the bank fill.