Europaste is a bonding and sealing compound made from a combination of benonite and an anio-active detergent which acts as an emulsifier. The main feature of Europaste is its high elastic adhesive power. Due to the chemical composition of bentonite Europaste can expand by up to 90% of its initial volume when it comes into contact with water.
It can be used for:

  1. Gluing the sealing strips EUROSTRIP in day-work and dividing gaps.
  2. Sealing the overlap of EUROBENT bentonite maps and geotextiles.
  3. Sealing cable and tubular passes.
  4. Filling cavities and cracks in building, engineering and water structures.

EUROPASTE eliminates unevenness on bases and ensures optimum contact between concrete surfaces and EUROSTRIP.

EUROPASTE can be applied directly onto a contact surface using either a spatula or an extrusion gun. EUROPASTE should be applied to dry, dust and grease free surfaces.

EUROPASTE is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Storage temperature +1-+30c

EUROPASTE is available in 25kg containers.