A state of the art natural sealant!

EUROBENT is a geosynthetic clay liner produced by sandwiching a layer of bentonite, a clay mineral which expands when wet between two or more layers of geotextiles.

Bentonite absorbs water from the surrounding soil, its expansion is impeded by layer pressure from the geotextile membranes creating an impermeable lining material able to be used as a containment barrier.

EUROBENT replaces the need to use all traditional mineral sealants, it offers better sealing performance, it is more cost-effective and Eco-friendly, these are the reasons that you should choose the EUROBENT solution.


EUROBENT advantages:


  1. Its small mass minimises the cost of transportation and it is Eco-friendly, causing no harm to the environment.
  2. It is quick and easy to install, it does not require highly qualified personnel, expensive welding or the use of heavy sealing equipment.
  3. It has a high sealing performance with predetermined permeability.
  4. Due to the swelling properties of Bentonite it is capable of self-repair in the event of small perforations in the geotextile layers.
  5. Available in widths up to 5.15 m.
  6. The certified quality of our product enhances on-site construction safety.

Thanks to the water absorbing properties of bentonite, EUROBENT GCL can expand to provide a highly water-tight layer for leachate environments.

Permeability Tests

The stable thickness and extremely low water permeability of EUROBENT guarantees its sealing performance.


EUROBENT can be used as a sealing barrier in all types of construction projects, such as:

  1. The base and surfaces seals for landfill sites.
  2. Canals and storage reservoirs.
  3. Tank storage sites.
  4. Composting plants
  5. Biotopes.
  6. Tunnel and building seals.
  7. Filtering and storage reservoirs.
  8. Run-off basins.
  9. Roads leading through environmentally sensitive areas.
  10. And many more.