Thanks to many years of experience in the field of geotextiles, we have developed an invaluable knowledge of the bentonite mats and other geosynthetics, which makes us an innovative and undisputed competitor in the international market.

Main products


bentonite liner

EUROBENT GCL is an extremely versatile product. It is a combination of two or more layers of geotextiles and bentonite, a clay material with excellent swelling ability. This combination of bentonite, woven and non-woven geotextiles ultimately made it possible to produce a reinforces, strong sealing layer.

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construction waterproofing

In comparison to traditional mats, EUROBENT GCL CS has an additional layer of membrane: HDPE, LLDPE or PVC. It is dedicated mainly to a construction waterproofing market. This solution creates one durable barrier that offers double sealing.

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Eurobent C

betonite mat

EUROBENT C is an effective bentonite waterproofing mat dedicated to structural waterproofing. It has enhanced mechanical properties thanks to use of stronger geotextiles in a manufacturing process. A remarkable, safe, and natural alternative that can be used for the convectional sealing of buildings.

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Eurobent Quick Seal

landfill capping

EUROBENT Quick Seal is a modern solution for the most demanding projects. The Quick Seal bentonite lining product is our answer to the real needs of customers. It is used in projects where quick swelling and water absorption are essential, and when the traditional geosynthetic barrier is insufficient.

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SandMat consists of a non-woven geotextile layers and a quartz sand embedded inside. It can be used successfully in scour protection, filtration and drainage. It was designed especially for the protection of waterways and marine environments. SandMat is an excellent alternative to classic materials such as gravel.

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concrete mat

Tiltex is a needle punched composite, consisting of concrete-sand mix, embedded and fixed between two layers of geo-textile and supported with additional layer of geomembrane. It is much faster and cheaper than conventional materials. Strict quality control of raw materials makes the finished product fail-proof.

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Our specialists are able to offer bentonite dedicated to the most demanding and complex projects, such as those with high levels of groundwater contamination or environmental salinisation.

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Europaste is a bonding and sealing compound made from a combination of bentonite and an anion-active detergent, which acts as an emulsifier. The main feature of Europaste is its high elastic adhesive power.

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Eurostrip is a specially developed sealing tape used in concrete construction elements to seal work joints, pipe culverts, and other construction technological breaks that are constantly or periodically exposed to pressure and surface water. The tape is made of bentonite, a natural clay mineral. The special fillers and additives are binding agents.

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A galvanized wire grid specifically designed to prevent the displacement of Eurostrip during the concrete pouring process. It is used on the construction sites and prevents displacement during concreting. The mesh can be easily cut, shaped, and combined. Despite its very high strength, it is relatively light.

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The permanence of our technological processes guarantees consistent high quality. We have our own laboratory, where our skilful technicians constantly undertake multiple tests of our products to ensure that the high market standards are maintained.