Press Release

We, Eurobent sp. z o. o., hereby inform that our Company Eurobent Sp z o.o. based
in Świdnica (Poland) has obtained a favourable decision at the Patent Court in
Germany in a lawsuit filed by Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd based in the United
Kingdom for patent infringement of Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.

On 17th September 2019, the National Court in Düsseldorf issued a decision in
which it stated that Eurobent Sp z o.o.
based in Świdnica (Poland) does not
infringe the patent of Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd by producing the
This confirms the stance taken by Eurobent Sp. z o.o. that
the TILTEX TM cementitious composite is an advanced product created by Eurobent
Sp. z o.o. and thus does not infringe on the patent rights of other entities, including
Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.
Christoph Terlinden

President of the Board