Insulation of water basin, Arnstetten, rainwater storage reservoir - Austria 2019

The drainage concept for the expansion of the "Haldenasem" industrial estate in the municipality of Arnstetten - Stubersheim included the construction of a rainwater retention basin as part of a decentralised rainwater management system. The EUROBENT 5000/200/300 was installed to seal the basin. The number of meters used in the project: 816 sqm. Rolls size 5,1 x 40m.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner consist of a mechanically bonded non-woven fabric on the upper side and a woven fabric on the underside. All layers are needle-punched over the entire surface, force-fitted over all components and evenly filled with bentonite granulate.

Advantages of the GCL EUROBENT 5000/200/300:

- installation of clay liners is quick and easy
- consistent product properties
- high sealing effect
- conserves natural resources
- economical handling
- low transport costs
- cost-effective sealing system
- it is supplied in rolls, laid and overlapped with no necessity of welding.
- the necessary overlap area of 30 cm in longitudinal direction has been marked on the mat at the factory by interspersed bentonite to increase the efficiency of installation.