Eurobent C

Eurobent C is a remarkable, safe and natural alternative that can be used for the convectional sealing of waterproof buildings.

Eurobent C is a highly effective bentonite waterproofing mat . It is a composite of 3 materials, bentonite and woven and non-woven polypropylene geotextiles. The integrity of these 3 components is ensured due to a patented needling process. A polymer membrane can also be laminated to the non-woven surface.


  1. The vertical and horizontal isolation of buildings.
  2. Tunnel isolation.


  1. Self-sealing.
  2. Minimum surface preparation required.
  3. On vertical surfaces Eurobent C can be nailed directly to the concrete, on horizontal surfaces it requires no additional fixing.
  4. No prepared floor surface required underneath Eurobent C.
  5. Installation is quick and easy.
  6. Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  7. No protective layers required.
  8. Eurobent C can be laid in all weather conditions.

EUROBENT Internal Quality Control regulations are based on European Community CE regulations and regulations of management based on standards ISO 9001 and 14001. Sources of supplied materials are proven, and the manufacturers of raw material have their own controlled management system confirmed with a certificate. All data are monitored and evaluated periodically.

Testing carried out during the production process

Give specifics of testing carried out.

After Eurobent C production has been approved a sample of each roll is tested in our laboratory to the following standards.

  1. Thickness ISO 9863-1/9863-2
  2. Mass per Unit Area ASTM D 5993
  3. Moisture Content ASTM D 4643-08
  4. Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break ISO 10319
  5. Puncture Resistance (CBR) ISO 12236
  6. Peel Strength ISO 13426-2
  7. Permeability ASTM D 5887