Capping of landfill, Landfill site in Paterno Calabro - Italy 2022

This application was the environmental restoration of a former landfill site in Paterno Calabro. Works consisted of rehabilitation and definitive securing of a landfill site.

Protection against harming impact of toxic substances was the aim, but not only this. There had to be prepared a renewed biological system for plants. EUROBENT 3000 L was one of the layer used there. GCL is the crucial product. It provides an isolation and protection. However, we say about multilayer system in this case. Project required also membrane, which was added separately as a waterproof layer. When the landfill was secured with GCL, the organic substrate covered it so that flora will grow again there. GCL very often accompanies by biodegradable layers.

Total square meters in this project: 16 524, in rolls 5,1 x 40 m²