Quality of our
products and services

In order to continually monitor the quality of our bentonite mats, we have established our own Quality Control Laboratory.

This laboratory covers research of raw materials and finished products, as well as interoperability analyses for all production departments in the company. Our skilled laboratory technicians regularly undertake numerous tests on our products to ensure that our high standards are maintained continuously.

Our laboratory is our
pride, and for a good
reason! We have:

Highly qualified
and experienced staff

Efficient organization
of work enabling flexibility and
adequate pace of research

High-end equipment with
control and measuring
apparatus that guarantees
reliable and accurate results

Our Methods

The proper functioning of our laboratory is based on the usage of methods derived from the highest international market standards. Each of our products is thoroughly tested before market launch.
At Eurobent, we monitor the quality of our products at every stage of their lifecycle.

Furthermore, our internal Quality Control regulations are based on European Community (CE) regulations and management system based on standards ISO 9001 and 14001. Sources of supplied materials are proven, and the manufacturers of raw material have their own control management system confirmed with an appropriate certificates. All data are monitored and evaluated periodically.

We control the quality in accordance with the applicable international standards by conducting one of the following tests in the laboratory:


  • ASTM D 5890 (Swelling Index)
  • ASTM D 5891 (Fluid Loss)
  • CUR 33 (Consumption of methylene blue – Montmorillonite Content)
  • DIN 18132 (Water Absorption)
  • EN 14196 / ASTM D 5993 (Determination of Humidity)
  • PN-83/H-10077 (Screening – graining and others, necessary in the case of tailor-made products)


  • EN ISO 10319 (Tensile Strength)
  • ASTM 5887 (Index Flux & Permeability)
  • EN ISO 12236 (Static Puncture – CBR)
  • ASTM D6496 (Peel Strengh)
  • EN 14196 (Mass per unit area)
  • EN 9863-1 (Thickness)
  • For many other tests, we work with certified and accredited bodies around the world