Sacrow Peretzer canal, Bank protection - Germany 2014-2017

Project in the framework of the transport projects German Unity No.17. Waterway connection Hanover Magdeburg Berlin:

- upgrading for vessels
- repair & finishing revetment with SandMat

SandMat is a geocomposite that consists of a nonwoven geotextile layers and a quartz sand embedded inside. It can be used successfully in scour protection, filtration and drainage. It was designed especially for the protection of waterways and marine environments. Sandmat is an excellent alternative to classic materials such as gravel and are adapted to slope bottom and embedment trench topography. When applying SandMat, the application of sand or gravel filter layers and the involvement of a large crew becomes unnecessary, which greatly facilitates the implementation and reduces the investment costs. Due to the use of a layer of sand in SandMat, the installation can be carried out successfully both in dry conditions, as well as underwater or from a watercraft. SandMat is produced in wide rolls reaching up to 5.1m, thanks to which assembly time and the necessary number of overlaps are reduced to a minimum.

Due to its robust construction and inherent strength, SandMat is ideal geocomposite for the construction of:

- revetments, where the long-term stability of the cover layer is required,
- coastal locations, such as seawalls, breakers, groins, dikes, and embankments